The Friends of PIP

Welcome To the Friends Of Plays-in-the-Park
A registered 501(C)(3), tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization dedicated to live theater and committed to supporting Plays-In-The-Park.

What you may not know….

Although majority of funding each year for Plays-in-the-Park comes directly from Middlesex County, the extras or ‘fringe’ come from the Friends.

Thanks to the generosity of countless theatergoers, dedicated members and volunteers, the Friends of Plays-In -The-Park have been able to provide the theater each year with additional props, set pieces, lighting equipment and other items too many to mention to enhance each production.

Whether you participate in a Friends Fund Raiser, purchase something at the Friend’s Kiosk, or join any of our 7 membership categories, you will immediately see your contribution at work.  The Friends will always exist to support and applaud live theater and the magic that is Plays-in-the-Park. Come join us in Making A Good Thing Better!