Weather Policy

Our policy on show cancellations during inclement weather cannot be set in stone as there are many considerations to juggle and the weather is, at best, unpredictable despite the weatherman's predictions. That said, here's what we try to do:

We do not cancel any show due to the anticipation of inclement weather. Depending upon the length of a show, we can sometimes "hold" the curtain until as late as 8:45 p.m. and so if the situation is one of "isolated" or "scattered" rainfall we will try to wait until the last possible minute. In situations where the rain has been steady all day and the Doppler shows more to come, we will be forced to cancel. Our expensive equipment cannot be exposed to heavy rain and the musicians cannot play in wetness. Unfortunately there is no reliable means on getting the information on a cancelled show to the public, so if you are coming a good distance, we suggest waiting until the predication is favorable.