Summer Employment at PIP

Please reach out to us after the beginning of the new year of 2016. We generally fill our positions by April 1st for the upcoming season!

Each summer Plays-in-the-Park employs a staff of artisans and technicians to work the various theatrical disciplines of our season.

Please note: We do not offer housing nor transportation.

Employment begins the mid-May and lasts until mid-August.

The workday for PROPS/COSTUMES/SCENIC ARTISTS is generally 9 to 5 with occasional weekend hours needed during tech.

ELECTRICS and SOUND  work a split of day and evening shifts,  weekdday and weekends, with hours changing depending upon whether it is a tech period or a performance period.

CARPENTERS work generally 7:30 am until 4 pm.
Interviews are required and salary is discussed at that point. Plays-in-the-Park is part of the Middlesex County Department of Parks and Recreation, and thus salaries are commensurate with summer help for the Parks Department and are governed by its rules and regulations.

Our staff is most often comprised of college students (18 years of age is the minimum for ELECTRICS/SOUND/CARPENTRY), freelance artists, teachers and retired professionals.

Send inquires to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Below is a general breakdown of the positions and their responsibilities:

Work Includes general office tasks, including answering  phones, keeping accurate track of seating reservations, and creating social media posts to name a few.  Ideal candidate must be able to multi-task and be detail oriented. Being familiar with PIP is a plus.

Work with Head Propster Gabby Komleski in creating, building designing, buying and securing all the props for the current season. Help train the volunteer prop run crew in the use of the props. Work with the producer and director on the creation of the props. Should be well versed in arts and crafts and scenic painting; carpentry skills a plus.

Work includes stitching, cutting, draping, building, refurbishing, buying, and renting all the costumes for the season. Typically a third of each show's needs are rented, one third is bought or refurbished from stock and one third is created and build from scratch. Work hand in hand with professional costume designers.Help train the volunteer dressers. A perfect opportunity for someone who is handy with a needle and would like some extra money.

Under the Master Electrician and Sound Designer,  the combined department covers testing, repairing, hanging, focusing, gelling, and cabling the large lighting inventory. The electrics/sound department often works the shows as well in positions such as board ops, deck electricians, special effects operators, mixing engineers and, on occasion, spot operators. There is often climbing involved, using scaffolds, genie lifts and lighting towers.

The scenic artists, under the supervision of Mike D'Arcy, a professional scenic designer, are responsible for everything that is painted - from gridding and painting drops and scrims, to all the scenic elements no matter how large or how small, to specialty items such as portraits and signage.

The carps work with T.D. David Griffin in a well-equipped scene shop in the theater building. In addition to all carpentry work, there is extensive rigging involved as well.

On shows nights, we need staff to work the box office and rip tickets/stamp hands when we seat the people from 5 pm until 9 pm. This is part time work during show nights, approximately 20 hours a week.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your interests and resume, and to schedule an interview.